ic_launcherFind friends in a crowd instantly with Doostjoo, the World’s Dumbest App!

Doostjoo is the best way to find friends (and be found) in large crowds, concerts, movie theaters and more! No internet connection or GPS needed!

To be found, simply select a color, hold your phone over your head and let the blinking light direct your friends to your exact location. That’s it! You will be amazed by how fast your friends find you! You can even instantly tell a friend or a group of friends to look for the color you chose with the in-app SMS messaging feature.

Sound dumb? Well…honestly it is dumb. In a world of smart apps, Doostjoo is easily The World’s Dumbest App.

However, Doostjoo has proven to work EVERY TIME in situations like:

• Finding friends in packed concerts and music festivals
• Instantly locating saved seats in a movie theater
• Being found in large outdoor crowds
• Flagging down a delivery vehicle
• Hailing a taxi

Because Doostjoo relies on a blinking light for location, Doostjoo works best in low light or dark settings.

Looking forward to hear about your exprience and opponions about this application.


Technologies: Android, Java

Github repository: