Iran Mobile Congress


imc_ic_150The biggest meeting of mobile technology ‘s Practitioners The center of Sharif Industrial university’s studies with the point of using the capacity of mobile technology and answering to communication huge society’s needs and also inform all people about new technology after second conference about Iran’s mobile and first mobile innovation’s festival in the last year had decided to hold off it every year . We hope , we will succeed in this way to improve communication and mobile’s information.

Event Goals:

  • Introduce mobile’s new technology to all people
  • Identify young and Toddler’s team
  • Motivate people to public participation in different situations
  • Introduce mobile’s new technology to IT’s experts and social – cultural Politicians
  • Searching for social’s needs for using of mobile’s technology
  • Use vernacular ‘s new words and phrases about mobile’s new technology
  • Improve young teams and toddler’s appetence and Upgrade society ‘s Communications

This mobile’s congress was held off at Tehran ‘s permanent international Exhibition – date : 17 February 2013 – 20 February 2013


Technologies: Android, Java, SMS

Github repository: