How to make a Please Wait Dialog using UIAlertView without Buttons in iOS


If you’ve ever wanted to show a simple “please wait” dialog without resorting to a custom view, UIAlertView is a good option, and is even more appropriate if you customize the alert such that no buttons are shown.

In the figure below you can see how a simple alert can be shown (sans buttons) while you are busy doing some other system activity (reading/writing files, etc).

How to enable textview Hyperlink detector in iOS and open Safari


If it is in a UITextView, you just have to enable it:

- (BOOL)textView:(UITextView *)textView shouldInteractWithURL:(NSURL *)URL inRange:(NSRange)characterRange

also you can open Safari programatically:

@interface MyApplication : UIApplication {



@implementation MyApplication

-(BOOL)openURL:(NSURL *)url{
    if  ([self.delegate openURL:url])
         return YES;
         return [super openURL:url];