How to access a short-link stats created by someone else?


Bitly is one of the best URL shortening service with a powerful counter and statistics and also allow you to use your own domain with a DNS pointed to bitly.

You can access your own short-links statistics in your profile and simply by just adding a + at the end of the billy link you can access other users’ links statistics.


here is a sample:  :arrow:

billy Screen Shot

How to find passwords saved in google Chrome browser


Most browsers will ask if you want your passwords saved so when you’re next jumping around the web, logging into sites is that bit easier.

Of course, you’d like think those passwords are squirrelled away where no one can dig them up, but in Chrome they’re pretty easy to find. As highlighted by software developer Elliott Kember recently, getting access to the list of saved passwords requires only that you point the browser at


(or simply find the password management option in advanced settings) and click on one of the saved entries. A small “show” button will then appear next to the hidden password — hit that and it’ll be revealed.

How to prevent your flash drive from being infected by autorun viruses


It’s simple! Create a folder named “autorun.inf” in your flash drive or external harddisk. This technique can prevent auto-running viruses from spreading through your flashdrive or external HDD.
Note that if your flash drive is already infected or if there’s already a file named “autorun.inf” you cannot create the folder. You’ll have to find a way to delete that file first.

To reverse this, simply delete the folder you created, “autorun.inf”.

How to fix your Windows 7 boot

some times by installing linux or some problems you lose your boot menu for windows. to solve this problem the only thing that you have to do is to boot your system using Windows 7 DVD, in installation menu choose repair, and in repair menu choose command prompt. Then using bootrec.exe command in windows\system32 directory and using these switches: