Make Them Fall, Unity3D Sample Game


Make Them Fall is a challenging game that requires multitasking capability. Control 2 falling players and let them fall as far as possible without touching any obstacle.

I redesigned Make Them Fall Game using Unity3D and you can access source code as a unity tutorial material at my Github account:

Brain Rush, Unity3D Sample Game


Brain Rush is a super simple to play and gets very addictive. Just hold or release the screen to shift to either a square or circle and match the incoming shapes. The higher your score, the faster they come!

I redesigned Brain Rush Game using Unity3D and you can access source code as a unity tutorial material at my Github account:

How to manage your Android Application Settings


Here is my best practice for managing your Android application settings using AppSettings class. by using this class you can save your different variables in shared preferences and also load them to ram when ever needed and use them in memory.

String methods sample:

AppSettings.setValue(this, KEY_NAME, name);
AppSettings.getString(this, KEY_NAME, "");
AppSettings.clearValue(this, KEY_NAME);